Google Chrome – Review, 1 week later

So I have been using Chrome almost exclusively as my job as a web developer permits.  I have to say now – I am switching back to the Fox.

Its not that I didn’t like chrome, but it had a couple of problems that I can not overlook any longer.  So here is the quick rundown:

What’s Hot:

Explosive performance, slick simplistic (googlish interface), built in “run as application” ability, task manager

What’s Not:

Extreme flash / shockwave performance issues, lack of plugins, some site incompatibility


If it could handle flash and youtube stuff without completely choking, and had a more accessible web developer plugin, I would still be using it.

Note: I have since attempted to make the Trusty Fox look and act more like chrome as per the lifehacker instructions. The act like chrome is working somewhat thanks to Prism and a couple of other plugins, but the look like part was a bit too glitchy for prime time.  Maybe in the future….


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