Spore DRM nightmare continues – Limited Accounts

So there has been even more news on the Spore front this morning.  I have come close to completing the game, and will release my review once that has been accomplished.  I am in the midst of the Great war of Spodeification, so hopefully I will prevail soon.

Anyway the news relating to Spore’s awful DRM this morning concerns both a future game release, and more details about EA’s consumer abusing policy. Jump to the next page to read more!

So what is shaking with spore?  As I wrote about before, in a vain attempt to stop piracy of its games, EA mandated that Spore should be infected with SecureRom DRM software malware.  The primary effect of this stunt was to limit users from being able to install the game more than 3 times.

Today another revelation in this tragedy was revealed when users uncovered that users were only allowed to create one online spore account per install of the software, which is directly contradictory to what it says in the manual.  Users should in theory be able to create unlimited accounts for different users on the same pc, this was stated in the manual.  This is not, however, the truth.  So in a bid to beat more money out of its paying consumers, EA will only allow you to create one online account per software purchase.  Thanks again EA – way to go.

One more news story is bubbling up regarding the upcoming release of another game, EA’s Red Alert 3.  Apparently due to the protests about DRM taking place on amazon etc, EA is loosening its DRM restriction policy to allow for a whopping 5 re-installs of the new game as opposed to the 3 allowed by Spore.  Great job EA!  You are screwing consumers a little bit less.  This reminds me of the tiny incremental reversal of policy that happened before release of Mass Effect.


EA, don’t you see that your game Spore was cracked for illegal installation and distribution even BEFORE it was released?  Isn’t it apparent yet that this DRM nonsense only hurts the consumer, the people you NEED to be a viable business?  Wake up and smell the year old coffee!  It has been brewing for a long time now.

Oh, and let me say that I have probably re-installed Diablo 2 upwards of 10 times.  That game was great!  Also notice that loosing my cd key years ago would not stop me from re-installing it if I wanted to, even though it had cutting edge DRM malware back in the day….

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