MochaHost – Cheap JSP hosting has arrived

During my collegiate experience at Hope College I took a class in Databases under Dr. McFall.  During that class we were tasked with utilizing MSSQL and MYSQL along with Java for the more practical portions.

The class wrapped up with a major project in which we were supposed to implement an inventory management system for a make-believe video store.  My group chose to use JSP for this because of an ingrained dislike for the Swing layout system utilized by normal java.

One of the major problems I saw with doing this project with JSP was that php or asp web apps were much more common, and jsp had special server requirements that made hosting cost more than double standard linux hosting. ($18+/month compared to 7$/month) That has changed.

Anyhow that project ended in disaster (but hey!  I graduated!) and at this point I am not keen on touching java ever again, but I did just run across this information that might be interesting to somebody.

Mochahost provides a really decent hosting package for JSP in the range of $6-$10 per month.  That is quite a low number compared to those I have seen before.  Note – you do need to select one of their higher level plans, the basic SOHO will not do.

A Note: Anybody coding JSP or anything databasey in java should give up and switch to Ruby on Rails.  You will see why right away.

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