– Eco clothing retailer is back, only for those with deep pockets

So a while ago I bought some clothing for my fiancee, for her birthday, from the then defunct   They were having a massive sale because they were planning on closing their doors, and website, for a while to re-structure after they partnered with Horny Toad, an activewear company.

Nau, for those not in the now know, sells environmentally friendly clothing with an urban type style, and some of it is even very functional in terms of weather resistance.  They also donate some percentage of their sales to ‘green’ charities of your choice, which is pretty cool.  I guess they over extended themselves, opening too many retail stores, and hiring too many employees so they ended up in trouble where they needed to regroup.

Back to the story – I bought some clothes from defunct for my fiancee, which for the most part she really liked.  Specifically there was this ‘skilmere’ sweater that was amazingly soft and looked great on her.  Of the 5ish items I bought, only one did not fit which is an acceptable rejection rate in such a task IMHO.  I also got myself two shirts which I was reasonably happy with, so I was waiting for nau to come back.

Anyhow, they have finished their re-structuring after beeing gone for something like 3 months, and they just sent a message out to their email list subscribers offering an exclusive chance at their new offerings.  Its exclusive in a sense that they hid the store at the following url: Not a very exclusive way to hide the exclusive access, but whatever.

After checking out the catalog I have to say that I am not happy – I could hardly find one thing in the men’s section that cost less than $85.00, and the jackets that I really like cost upwards of $250.00.  I can’t afford that stuff!!!

It seems like Nau is definitely shooting for a premium market now, which is ok i guess, but out of the price range for many young professionals like me.  Hopefully this does not eliminate all of their target clients!

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