Blizzard's Diablo III will NOT have onerous DRM restrictions!

In an interview with Wired’s Game|Life blog, a VP from blizzard stated that the game will not have player-hating (haha I used that term in a proper form) Digital Rights Malware Management components installed.

Instead of punishing loyal fans, and I am certainly a fan of Diablo, Blizzard has opted to keep the same verification measures used in Diablo II, which includes verifying the game for online use only.

Pardo: The thing that I think helps us, is that since our games have such a huge multiplayer component, really is our most effective DRM.

If you wanna play online on with other players you’re going to have to have a legitimate copy. That’s really kinda been the thing that’s always saved us from a lot of the PC piracy that I think hurts a lot of other single-player-only games.”

Gamers Win!

Blizzard gives us a fair balance of features in return for restrictions.  You can not just steal the game and get the best experience from it, you give up a little to gain access to the multiplayer parts (the fun bits).  Spore may hopefully have taught the game production businesses a valuable lesson.

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