A want for windows 7

Many of you that know me will also know that I have long been somewhat of a fan of Windows  Vista.

Why ?- just to name a few reasons

  • My hardware has always been up to date, and therefore supported by it.
  • It looks MUCH BETTER (less juvenile) than windows XP
  • Vista media center is pretty nice, when my hardware keeps up
  • UAC is annoying, but can be disabled by those savvy enough (read: if you can’t figure out how to disable it, you probably need it’s protection!)

So on that note I have to say that I am pretty geeked for Windows 7, which was released to beta earlier today.  Its not that it is going to be amazing, it seems more like they are using W7 as a chance to fix the errors of Vista, which is fine with me.  Mostly though, I want it because it is supposed to be FAST.

I want that 30 second boot up, the lesser system requirements,  and the slimmed down background footprint!

Unfortunately though, my chances of getting in on this beta testing seem to be dimming.  MSFT has stated that it will only release 2.5 million copies of the beta test, and there are many ravenous geeks out there waiting to use the “comeback” os, so many so that the Microsoft Tech-net site that is releasing the software has been down for the past hour!

Makes me wonder about why the beta showed up on BitTorrent weeks ago already….

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