GFWL STUPID – Fallout 3 expansion only available on Microsoft's Client

So I bought Fallout 3 around Xmas time.  I am only about 1/2 way thru and it has been a fun little experience.  The game is a post nuclear war apocalypse RPG/FPS – combining some of my favorite game genres.  I like FPS games with STORY.  This has it, it is good.

So I have noticed that Bathesda, the development studio, recently released an expansion called Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage where you apparently get to fight some communists in alaska.

Anyway, I bought Fallout 3 thru my favorite gaming platform, Steam.  Its great!  I have the game legally installed on my laptop and on my desktop, i even managed to set up a system to sync my gamesaves between the two.

Well, Bathesda released the expansion ONLY THRU Microsoft’s new steam platform rival, Games for Microsoft Live.  So to get the expansion I would have to move my current game files into a different folder, install a new client, buy 1000 microsoft points (the expansion itself costs 850, but points are only purchasable in quantities of 1000, what BS) and download the game.  After that I would have to repeat some steps to get it working on my laptop.  I also wonder if it would then require that I log into Seam and GFWL (isnt that a awful acronym to say) both to play my expansion.

Ugh.  Installing a new DLC client just to get an expansion is not for me.  Too much of a pain in the rear.  Bathesda, stay away from GWFL if you want any more money from me.  I hope this isnt another stupid attempt to “thwart piracy” that has gone horribly awry.  

BTW, I am not a MSFT hater either.  I just prefer not to be told where I have to buy stuff, especially if its an addition to the stuff I already have.  “Here is your dvd player – we don’t carry the cable however…”

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