DRM lol of the day – Authors Guild upset with Kindle TextToSpeach

So Amazon launched it’s new Kindle 2.0 “e” book reader on monday.  The original device was intended to save the forests of the world by allowing us all to read our books off of a re-usable platform, vs the standard paperback, or in other words make Amazon a crapload of money by locking users into a proprietary platform for reading books that has a long long payback period.

I like the idea of the kindle.  I would much rather read my books from a small reusable device that I could take with me anywhere, and the screen does look really really close to actual print.  There is, however, some problems: the platform is proprietary, closed, AND DRM laden.

You see when you buy a book from the amazon store you may NOT:

  1. Let your friends borrow the book (without the whole reader) when you are done
  2. Sell the book when you are done

And this really annoys me.

Now, back to the original point of this story – the kindle 2 release came with only one “surprising” feature – Text To Speach.  The kindle can now read books to you!  Pretty interesting right?

Well, the writers guild has decided this is a violation of copyright law because it is read out loud.

This begs the question: is it illegal for me to have an inner monologue while I am reading a book? =D

Just a quick message to Amazon – I would buy the kindle tomorrow the following changes were made:

  • Some sort of new payment scheme for books – subscription, buyback, who knows
  • It could read RSS feeds – i know it wouldn’t want to be “syncing” rss all the time, but maybe over wifi only or something?

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