Mature Gaming – Can video games grow up along with me?

So I found a fascinating article on Kotaku today about the concept of “mature video games”.

Quick summary: Maturity in games should be about more than gratuitous nudity and ‘adult’ language.

I totally agree.

Two of my favorite games ever include Mass Effect and The Witcher arguably fall in the proper category of “mature” games.  Why?  Amazing story, adult themes, in depth character development.  These are things I crave.  
Mass Effect 2 is on the horizon now, and I am seriously thinking I might have to buy an Xbox 360 again if it doesn’t come out on PC at the same time.  Thats right folks, I bought an XBox just to play Mass Effect.  And it was one of the best experiences of my gaming life.

Just recently I have also ventured away from my reading norm, consisting mostly of Tom Clancy.  I started reading a series by Karl Schreder, Sun of Suns is the first book.  I found reading this sci-fi, space operaesque book truely rewarding as – it is a significant step up in maturity level from my prior reading.  Since discovering this new series, a renewed interest in scifi literature, and overall more mature content matter, I have been reading more than ever!  I have finished the (existing books of) the Virga series, loved them, and now have moved on to Counting Heads by David Marusek

Anyway, that was a long and winding way to say that – for adults, adult content makes any medium more rewarding.  Games and books, its all the same.  I played thru Mass Effect in 1 weekend, I was so engrossed in the plot line, characters, interactions, etc.  And now I can’t wait to get back to reading Counting Heads – it has been keeping me up much later at night than is wise.

Heh – forgot one perl I was going to include yesterday.  It seems like my taste in books is ‘growing up’ rapidly, the question becomes will video games grow up to accommodate their aging fanbase as-well?  Mass Effect was protested because it had a, not shown but alluded to, sex scene!  I didn’t mind that I didn’t get to see any alien private parts, however the story line leading up to this scene was absolutely engrossing – I get goosebumps and shivers just reminiscing about it now.  All the tension, all the emotion – Mass Effect made it real.  I want more.  BioWare, the developer of Mass, has promised just that.  Please, I beg, some of you other developers produce games that are mature, in the mature sense of the word.

Mature content is vastly different than crude content.

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