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I got some more gear in the mail yesterday. Below is an image of what my Arduino Ethernet Shield, from NKCelectronics looked like when I got it out of the packaging. I was totally willing to keep this, and repair it myself, but NKC stepped up to the plate and hit a customer service home run!

Read more to read my email corospondance with NKC that left me more than satisfied.

Bent arduino ethernet shield

Bent arduino ethernet shield

The package from NCK was shipped via USPS First Class mail, and seemed adequately packaged.  It was in a postal bubble-bag thing, and the shield itself had a block of foam pressed onto the pins to protect them during shipping, and was also wrapped in bubble wrap.

This did not proove adequate however, as can be seen by the pin bent in a loop above!  When I got the thing I was slightly miffed, however I decided right away that I would prefer to repair the shield on my own rather than sending it back, mostly because I am too lazy to send it back.

I did, however, send the following email message to NKC, with the photo attached, right before I set to straightening out the pins:

FYI I just recieved my shipment (nice and speedy, thanks!) but the pins on the ethernet shield are way bent out of shape (see pic).

I am going to attempt to straighten them out, I would rather not have to send it back.

Just thought you may want to know.

So then I set to work on fixing the pins. After about an hour with my sweet set of specialized Craftsman mini tools, I managed to get them straightened out enough so that I could insert the shield into the arduino, with just a little bit of manipulating / aligning on entry. Then I noticed that I got a response form NKC in my email:

Wow! That shield is really in bad shape. Let me ship you a new one (We use a styrofoam to keep the pins straight… was the shield loose?). You can return the bad shield in the same envelope by writing “RETURN TO SENDER”.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Best Regards

NKC Electronics

My response:


No worries – I think I have it just about fixed up, the pins are not EXACTLY straight, but it does fit onto my arduino now. The foam was still attached when I got it, but the post office must have mashed it good to turn that pin into a loop like that!

If you insist, I will return it.

And their response again:

Nick, you can use it until you receive the new one. It is unfair to receive and use such damaged product.

Best Regards

NKC Electronics

So I just wanted to say thanks! That is great customer service NKC – I will be back next time.

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