Some more great dive photo work by Neil Chan

byron_0021jpgMy good friend Neil Chan recently participated in a dive photo ‘shoot out’ contest in Byron Bay.

He just told me that he had some of his photos posted on his blog over at – the photos are AMAZING!

Some background – Neil is my dive buddy from Australia.  He is a marine biologist by day, dive instructor by night, and fits in some time for photography in between.  He actually recently won a pretty sweet prize for being one of the top fundraisers for the Life On The Edge Challenge – which was really cool.

Anyway, when I was in Australia nearly 3 years ago Neil was just getting into underwater photography, with me prodding him along the way. Since then he has taken the plunge into the deep end (haha) and gotten pretty serious about it, so I offered to set up the photo-blog site for him. So now all of us in the northern climes can live vicariously thru Neil and his adventures in Australia.

Neil tells me that Byron Bay is one of the top reviewed dive sites in all of Australia, and the photos prove his point. Neil captured some great photos of somewhat rare creatures including peacock mantis shrimp, cuttlefish, anglerfish, and several nudibranch – go check out these oddities at his byron bay page.

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