Photos from Traverse City Commons – former state mental asylum

On our recent trip to Traverse City for some wine tasting we got a little bit lost on our way back to the hotel and found ourselves in the middle of the somewhat spooky Traverse City Commons – formerly the Northern Michigan Asylum. It also just so happened to be the location of one of the two wineries my uncle had recommended to us – Left Foot Charley.

This is a really neat area – because of the history behind it there is a bunch of information out there on the hospital and the redevelopment out there on the web. Some people are spooked out about everything that happened there in the past, but from my brief reading it seems like the ‘treatment through beauty’ and agricultural emphasis at the hospital seems pretty innocent. There was perhaps some element of spooky there, but my photos only managed to capture some of the decay still visible in parts of the grounds that have not been renovated yet.

I wholly recommend visiting this area of TC – very unique and accessible.



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