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2005.5 Audi A4 Hell – not quite a lemon, but causing grief

This is my 2005.5 (b7 platform) audi a4. It is a 2.0t (great engine), and has quattro, XM sat radio, an automatic transmission (boo…), and the performance package. I love it. I will say this again and again, this is the ultimate car for driving in snow. Its 200 HP from a 4 cyl engine […]

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Electronic Odyssey – pt.1

This one falls on the HARD side of hardware… Inspired by my good friend Nick, who does EE and works at the product design / idea house TwisThink, I decided to jump into the world of physical computing via Arduino.    I apparanty know a thing or two about software, so I thought I would mix […]

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James Boag's Premium Lager – Found in the USA at last!

This is for Neil and Joni !!! I finally found one of the GOOD beers from australia in a retailer here in the USA!  James Boag’s, brewed (and sampled by me) in Tasmania, was either my 2nd or 3rd choice beer while studying abroad in Australia.  Now if I can only find some Cascade Premium! […]

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Mature Gaming – Can video games grow up along with me?

So I found a fascinating article on Kotaku today about the concept of “mature video games”. Quick summary: Maturity in games should be about more than gratuitous nudity and ‘adult’ language. I totally agree. Two of my favorite games ever include Mass Effect and The Witcher arguably fall in the proper category of “mature” games. […]

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DRM lol of the day – Authors Guild upset with Kindle TextToSpeach

So Amazon launched it’s new Kindle 2.0 “e” book reader on monday.  The original device was intended to save the forests of the world by allowing us all to read our books off of a re-usable platform, vs the standard paperback, or in other words make Amazon a crapload of money by locking users into a proprietary […]

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GFWL STUPID – Fallout 3 expansion only available on Microsoft's Client

So I bought Fallout 3 around Xmas time.  I am only about 1/2 way thru and it has been a fun little experience.  The game is a post nuclear war apocalypse RPG/FPS – combining some of my favorite game genres.  I like FPS games with STORY.  This has it, it is good. So I have […]

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A want for windows 7

Many of you that know me will also know that I have long been somewhat of a fan of Windows  Vista. Why ?- just to name a few reasons My hardware has always been up to date, and therefore supported by it. It looks MUCH BETTER (less juvenile) than windows XP Vista media center is […]

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GM – To Bailout or Not To Bailout? – The take from West MI

Michigan is an automotive state.  Our economy statewide is married to the industry, as much as I wish it were not.  And now it seems that a long time of trouble for the US automakers has become so critical that the “Small Three” have been begging like paupers for the past two weeks trying to get a government funded […]

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Beautiful photo from Autumn past

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links for 2008-10-22

Ajaxian » Great JavaScript and CSS Menu Libraries cool js ajax css menus (tags: menu css javascript)

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