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New Macbooks coming Tuesday – And I am a bit disappointed?

So I am in the market for a new notebook, currently pretty undecided, not too happy with any options. Anyway, I have been paying close attention to the new macbook release as I want to buy a new notebook for work / play by the end of the month. So today I have been watching […]

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Google Android Phone == Epic Fail++

The iPhone has been a huge success over the past year.  The things effectively bring handheld computing to the masses.  I of course would not be talking like this if I did not own one. I like my iphone a ton, the immediate access to the web and my email is brilliant beyond belief.  One […]

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Spore \\ A minor victory on the DRM front

EA is beginning to cave.  In a series of responses over the past week, EA has been addressing the demands of consumers. Apparantly they will be loosening the DRM restrictions. The head of the EA games division, Frank Gibeau, was quoted as saying something to the effect of  “The consumers don’t understand that we need […]

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Spore DRM nightmare continues – Limited Accounts

So there has been even more news on the Spore front this morning.  I have come close to completing the game, and will release my review once that has been accomplished.  I am in the midst of the Great war of Spodeification, so hopefully I will prevail soon. Anyway the news relating to Spore’s awful […]

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Google Chrome – Review, 1 week later

So I have been using Chrome almost exclusively as my job as a web developer permits.  I have to say now – I am switching back to the Fox. Its not that I didn’t like chrome, but it had a couple of problems that I can not overlook any longer.  So here is the quick […]

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Spore – Selling a DRM nightmare with pretty packaging

Anybody who knows me well knows that I have been buzzing about Spore for the past months, waiting for its release yesterday. The new game by EA has such high potential to be cool, you are essentially master of the universe that exists in your PC. (more…)

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True Blood – New HBO show gets viral

New for the upcoming fall 08 tv season is the HBO Vampire series “True Blood” .  This series has been generating considerable buzz over the past few weeks because of a massive viral marketing attempt. The funny thing about True Blood is that it has not even aired yet (the firs episode will be on HBO […]

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Testing iphone wordpress

Testing the stuff and the things. This is a test of the iPhone wordpress program. Oops- photos don’t work with my configuration… matt Scott is gone 🙁 Woohoo! Photo blogging from my phone now works!

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Hillmount – The search for housing //part 1

Over the past weekend Sarah (my fiancee) and I continued our search for a place to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Sarah told me that one of her accounting intern friends from Crowe Chizek rented an apartment in an old Victorian house off Cherry St near downtown GR, and that it was quite amazing inside. […]

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