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The Best Twitter WordPress Widgets – the good, the bad, the ugly

This morning I spent a good amount of time attempting to get a decent twitter widget set up on this site to simply put my Twitter status into the widget sidebar. Fun part is I can actually justify this pursuit as work – we have been asked to integrate Twitter into a website we are […]

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MochaHost – Cheap JSP hosting has arrived

During my collegiate experience at Hope College I took a class in Databases under Dr. McFall.  During that class we were tasked with utilizing MSSQL and MYSQL along with Java for the more practical portions. The class wrapped up with a major project in which we were supposed to implement an inventory management system for […]

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Google Chrome – A new web browser

I have just been listening to the google Chrome press event live as it has been happening, and I have to say that I am indeed impressed.  The new browser looks pretty amazing, and while I personally do not do much web app development, I am really looking forwards to trying it out for its […]

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Combining the interwebs with programming…. Firefox Ubiquity

So what happens when Internet services are combined with a search engine and a command prompt?  Mash up goodness. Ubiquity is a new FireFox mashup engine of sorts that allows users to on the fly generate mashups of Internet services that operate with XML RPC calls.  Basically it allows data to be pulled together from […]

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HTML Doctype declaration – Can really mess you up!

So yesterday we discovered a bug in the Blue Sky Sessions website.  I think that I probably introduced it when I was fiddling with getting our contact form looking pretty last week, although I have no idea how as the contact form is not presented with the portfolio where the bug occurred.  The bug consisted […]

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