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Google Chrome – A new web browser

I have just been listening to the google Chrome press event live as it has been happening, and I have to say that I am indeed impressed.  The new browser looks pretty amazing, and while I personally do not do much web app development, I am really looking forwards to trying it out for its […]

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Office 2007 – Cheap and good!

People like to hate on Microsoft.  People REALLY like to hate on Vista.  I feel that is mostly because (unfortunately for Obama) people are resistant to change. Regardless of those feelings, anybody who has bothered to give Vista’s sister product, Office 2007, a proper try have nothing but praise for the latest offering of the […]

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Calling out Mr. Jobs – Apple had better deliver soon

Apple currently holds the number 1 position when it comes to luxury laptop computer sales. It isn’t hard to see why either, the computers are almost literally seamless and the operating system works without nearly as many compromises as windows machines require. OSX has all the shine of Vista without any of the nightmares. Apple […]

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